Financial protection

At Responsible Travel we screen all our vacation partners who run our trips on the ground on their commitment to helping local communities and preserving and regenerating nature. We know from 21 years experience that they are also very good at running their companies and we have had remarkably few instances where customers haven't got the vacation they booked. If you would like to discuss financial protection we are happy to talk about how our vacations are protected so please give us a call.

We connect you directly with them as they know the vacations best. When you are happy and ready to book, you do so directly with our partners and so your contract is with them. Please make sure you fully understand what they offer and their terms and conditions, as well as ours.

All our partners based in the UK and EU should have protection in place to refund you if they are not able to offer you the vacation you booked; you should always check their terms and conditions before you book and some will check that you have your own insurance in place. Many of our partners based outside these areas also offer good financial protection and you should certainly speak to them about this.

Wherever our partners are based we strongly urge you to:
  • Buy the best travel insurance you can afford and especially one of the limited number of policies that include supplier failure.
  • Pay via credit card or Paypal to take advantage of the additional insurance on offer depending on where you live.

  • In the very unlikely event that the partner you book with goes out of business and cannot deliver your vacation we will help you to navigate the options for a refund should you need assistance.