What is Trip for a trip?

At no extra cost, you can choose to send a disadvantaged child or young person on an inspiring day trip every time you book a vacation with us.

We give on average 1% of our sales to our Trip for a Trip scheme. We believe travel can open up horizons, broaden perspectives and ultimately be an unforgettably enjoyable experience. We believe in one for one – for every trip you go on, a child also benefits from a day trip.

Since we started we’ve made a positive difference to over 6,500 children’s lives. We hope others in our industry will follow.
  Trip for a Trip sounds an excellent idea. My appetite for travel began with day trips, so I know how much they can mean to a child. Good luck and thanks to all who can make this happen.  
Michael Palin, December 2016
  It was a huge surprise to see your confirmation email describing the last trip to Mukuvisi Woodlands. I grew up literally a stone's throw from the woodlands and it was my childhood playground. So it was a coincidental connection to something really meaningful to me... What a great programme!  
Customer Rob D, February 2024
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If you've booked a vacation via Responsible Travel, claim your booking gift to join our Trip for a Trip scheme.